The Cleveland Photo Booth


The problem with most photo booths is, well, they look like photo booths. They’re big and boxy, they take up tons of room, they isolate your guests from the party, and they can only fit so many people – also the options are quite boring – take a picture, print it out… that’s so 2015. What makes our Photo Booth different? Well, let me tell you….



Our sleek and sexy Photo Booth is an Open Air booth, which means it stands alone in the open (with a super adorbs backdrop of your choosing). Why is that good? Well, there are no ugly walls to it. It doesn’t ruin the vibe that you’ve worked hard to create through all of your gorgeous decorations and details. Guests don’t leave the party to take a picture, they are still a part of the party and any number of people can squeeze in (since there are no confining walls). Also, in addition to PRINTING their pictures, guests can also share them to social media, or text them straight to their phones!



We’ll be at your reception anyway and our booth takes less than 10 minutes to set up (and tear down). We will be there to monitor it, but the touch screen will walk guests through the very easy instructions. We will bring a backdrop that fits your decor most along with several props for your guests to use. After all is said and done, we will also provide you with digital copies of the pictures taken in the booth throughout the evening so you can see just how much fun your guests really had!