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Sunny Cleveland Ariel International Wedding

Hannah and Dom soaked in all the sunshine during this gorgeous Ariel International wedding…

What a day!! Hannah spent the morning with her girls getting ready at Blushing Beauty Salon and from there, we headed to St. Luke’s in Lakewood for the ceremony. After the incredibly sweet ceremony, it was party time! We explored Cleveland, stopping at Lakewood Park first, then heading to the Flats. Hannah and Dom wanted to make sure we stopped at the iconic Prince mural, so of course, we had fun with that! After exploring a bit more of the Flats, we went on to the Arial International Center for an incredible rooftop cocktail hour. The bride and groom provided personalized sunglasses as favors for all their guests, which was so appropriate for probably the sunniest day in September. Once the night got started, the fun never stopped. This was one of the most active receptions we’ve ever been a part of, and it was awesome.

Do you Remember, the 21st Night of September?

We love that this bride and groom embraced their famous wedding date by incorporating the Earth, Wind, and Fire song into it. Everyone absolutely got down on the dance floor! Our favorite part of the night, though, was later on when everyone surrounded the bride on the dance floor and the groom had to break through and get to her. Things got crazy and absolutely everyone had a blast. It was SO much fun!


Hannah and Dom made sure their wedding day was one to remember and we were so for it every step of the way. Are you interested in The Arial International Center? Check out this other Arial International Wedding here!

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