Is a Highlight Video Right For You?

The best of both worlds

Are you looking to have photos and video from your wedding day that work seamlessly together? Looking for a videography option that doesn’t add a whole other team of people crowded around you on your wedding day? That doesn’t require you to “click” with a whole new team of vendors? That doesn’t need any awkward re-enactments or uncomfortable moments (ughhh) in order to get the footage? That doesn’t provide you with an unnecessarily long video that you’ll only watch once every 20 years because it’s just too much? Well then, our highlight videos are made JUST for you!

The Dream Team

We’ve spent years learning the art of videography and incorporating it into our wedding day workflow. We were amazed at how easy it was for us to add this option, since we’re already spending the entire day with you and we have all the necessary tools and equipment to make it happen. We use a combination of cameras on tripods and our handheld cameras – we’ve perfected the art of being able to switch from photo to video and back in just seconds – to capture the most important moments of the day. We’re big planners, so planning out our wedding day video strategy ahead of time keeps us on track throughout the day, and even when things go off track (which inevitably they always do), we pivot and refer to our plan to make sure everything still runs smoothly. The best part is that there are two of us, so when one switches to video, the other is still capturing photos. We’re a team and we’ve nailed down our strategy to deliver the best of the best to our couples. Our approach to capturing video is the same as our approach to capturing photos, we’re into the REAL moments that make up the day. The emotion, the fun, the laughter, and the love will always mean the most to us.

What we offer

What we’ve learned in the years since implementing video, is that FULL videography (when the end result is a video any larger than 20 minutes) is just too much for most couples. Our couples were opting for the smaller highlight videos (3-5 minutes) since they are easier to share with family and friends and still encompass the full emotion of the day. That’s why today, we to only offer highlight videos, so that our couples could have videography without being too much to enjoy. We’ve got two different options, with Audio or set to Music Only (one of each is below). Our Audio option includes the use of microphones throughout the day to capture really great Audio. Whether it’s audio of you reading your vows to each other or of your best friend’s speech at the reception, every wedding is different, so it will never be the same as another. Your audio will be completely unique to your day! If you’re not into being mic’ed up at all and would prefer your video to only be set to music, then the Music Only option is definitely the right fit for you. We’ve included both options for you on this page, so feel free to check them all out.

Let’s do this!

Want a highlight video of your own? Just let us know which one fits your day better!

MUSIC ONLY: $1,800  |  AUDIO: $2,500