About You

About you



Fun, relaxed, quirky, big-hearted, hardworking .  These are some words your friends and family use to describe you and your other half on a regular basis.

You get that life is worth enjoying.  You work hard, play harder and don’t apologize for either.

You think that Cleveland is pretty damn fantastic.  You’re a fan. You love to cheer loud, drink beer and enjoy the game.

Your fur baby is basically your child.  In a totally non creepy, loving, sort of way. Yes, your pet is a major part of your family and you can’t imagine not including him in at least one engagement picture!

You have a style that is all your own.
You think a good accessory is a must and you pay close attention to the details.

You want amazing photos of the best day of your life, but more than just the images you care about the experience.  You care about who it is that spends more time with you on your wedding day than your maid of honor.  You care that you have fun, laugh, relax and feel all the joy.

We care about that too.



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